WhiskeySmith Pineapple Whiskey


It is often said that "Two heads are better than one", and that has never been more true than for Whiskeysmith. Even better, identical twin heads, but with very different tastes! To complete their brotherly bonding, the brother who loved whiskey and the one with a sweet-tooth distilled new whiskies like nothing before.  

Whiskeysmith Pineapple Flavored Whiskey features fresh and bright tropical notes of sweet, juicy pineapple meld seamlessly with the warm rich undertones of only the finest American whiskey to create a pairing so perfect you'll be sure to do a double take! 


Aroma: Fresh and ripe pineapple mixes with hints of vanilla from the barrel.

Palate: pineapple and sweet caramel, toasted wood and tropical fruit.

Finish: Lingering fresh tropical notes blend with warm wood tones to finish exceptionally smooth.