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Volans Still Strength Blanco Tequila


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Volans Still Strength Blanco Tequila distinguishes itself among high-proof tequilas with its authentic flavors and traditional craftsmanship. It showcases cooked Blue Weber Agave, deep-well, and natural spring water, embodying the artisanal and innovative tequila-making processes of El Pandillo Distillery—NOM 1579.

This high-proof, still-strength tequila offers an exquisite blend of flavors—from the sweetness of cooked agave to the zest of citrus, enhanced by a burst of minerality with a beautiful lingering finish. It delivers a clean, floral, and mineral-forward taste, elevating the tequila experience to unprecedented heights.

Tasting Notes

A complex array of aromas and flavors, with a memorable finish. 

On the nose: Aromas of rich cooked agave, black pepper, citrus, and minerals, along with hints of mint and herbal notes. 

On the palate: Flavors are dominated by cooked agave and black pepper. There is a briny undertone, and a mix of minerals and citrus adds depth.

Finish: The finish is long and engaging, transitioning from sweet agave to a peppery note. Minimal to no harsh sting of ethanol.

Enjoy Neat and in Cocktails

Our Still Strength Blanco Tequila is best enjoyed neat at room temperature in a Glencairn, snifter, tulip, or old-school Caballito shot glass. This allows you to enjoy the complex aromas and flavors without dilution. You can also try it with a splash of water or a large ice cube.

The robust flavors also work well in classic cocktails like margaritas or Palomas. Our Still Strength Blanco adds a rich base to a Tequila Old Fashioned, Jalisco Mule, or a light and refreshing ranch water.