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Uncle Chicken's Sippin' Whiskey by Whiskey Myers


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Uncle Chicken by Whiskey Myers Ain’t your average uncle. Hailing from the deep dark woods of the big thicket, he’s the baddest sumbitch you ever did meet. A lover and a fighter, a poet and a writer, Uncle Chicken is a man, a myth, a legend!

From wrestling gators to brewing up the finest bourbon ever made, you never know what Uncle Chicken’s gonna pull off next. This whiskey is our tribute to that untamed spirit. It’s as smooth as it gets, made from Howlin’ at the moonlight and crowin’ at the dawn.

Uncle Chicken's Bourbon Sippin' Whiskey by Whiskey Myers unleashes aromas of smooth butterscotch and savory vanilla, with flavors of black pepper on the tongue. Caramel and roasted almond notes finish off every sip.

47% ABV (94 Proof)