Tru Garden Organic Vodka


HOW COULD WE MAKE AN IDEAL BASE FOR SAVORY COCKTAILS? By distilling garden herbs for the equivalent of boozy stock. Green & fresh: this one’s for bar chefs. TRU Garden Vodka captures the essence of spring herbs and veggies for fresher cocktails — just like stock helps kitchen chefs make tastier meals. Notes of celery, dill and coriander deliver complexity and add life to seasonal or savory cocktails, like Bloody Marys. DESCRIPTION: A new kind of infused vodka where the flavor comes from food, not synthetics TASTING NOTES: Herbaceous and green with expanding notes of celery, dill, peppercorn and garden herbs INGREDIENTS: Wheat spirits, celery, dill, coriander, fennel, mint, thyme, pink peppercorn, cumin, vanilla beans GARDEN AFFAIR 2 oz TRU Garden Vodka 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup ¼ red bell pepper 2-3 dash hot sauce Muddle pepper, add rest & shake hard, strain into glass, top with black pepper REVIEW “Infused with botanicals, this silk-like vodka whisks you away to a lush garden of celery, dill, thyme, and a touch of mint leaf followed by lingering remains of crushed pepper. Like a Bloody Mary without the blood. This is fantastic to sip neat; I can only imagine the potential in a well-made cocktail.” Julie Albin, DrinkMe Magazine