Tru Garden Organic Vodka


HOW COULD WE MAKE AN IDEAL BASE FOR SAVORY COCKTAILS? By distilling garden herbs for the equivalent of boozy stock. Green and fresh, this vodka captures the essence of spring. It’s a great base for savory cocktails that pair well with food. Use it to make the ultimate Bloody Mary, add depth to seasonal cocktails or simply sip with soda.

DESCRIPTION: A new kind of vodka where the flavor comes from the whole garden for easy, food-friendly cocktails

TASTING NOTES: Herbaceous and fresh with layers of garden herbs

INGREDIENTS: Wheat spirits, celery, dill, coriander, fennel, mint, thyme, pink peppercorn, cumin, vanilla beans

REVIEW “Infused with botanicals, this silk-like vodka whisks you away to a lush garden of celery, dill, thyme, and a touch of mint leaf followed by lingering remains of crushed pepper. Like a Bloody Mary without the blood. This is fantastic to sip neat; I can only imagine the potential in a well-made cocktail.” Julie Albin, DrinkMe Magazine

GARDEN AFFAIR 2 oz TRU Garden Vodka 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup ¼ red bell pepper 2-3 dash hot sauce Muddle pepper, add rest & shake hard, strain into glass, top with black pepper