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Tres Generaciones 50th Anniversary Anejo Tequila


To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Tres is offering a unique liquid to pay homage to Don Francisco Javier Sauza’s original recipe, which he crafted in honor of three generations of family distilling. Using traditional processes, this 100% agave liquid is aged 14 months in specially selected American Oak barrels treated and charred-in house. This rare release is displayed in a green ceramic bottle inspired by the Don's original 1973 decanter that put tequila on the world stage.


Color: Deep amber

Aroma: Top note of cooked agave and charred wood giving a slight smoky note, followed by notes of vanilla, caramel and red apples

Taste: Medium bodied, highly complex and well-balanced. Notes of cooked agave, sweet vanilla, caramel, apples, almonds, slight smoke and well-defined tannings

Finish: Long and smooth with subtle warmth and no alcohol burn