Tommy Bahama Vodka


A bar staple by all means, this award-winning Tommy Bahama Vodka carries a slight botanical note and elegant smooth copper finish. Eight-time distilled – rich, creamy, exceedingly clean.

PROOF: 80 Proof / 40% ALC/VOL

DISTILLATION: 8x Estate Copper Pot Distilled. Distilled from grain.

TASTING NOTES: A slight botanical note meets an elegant smooth copper finish in this eight-time distilled Tommy Bahama Vodka.

MASTER DISTILLER'S NOTES: There are times when I desire a very pristine cocktail, clean and soft like a whisper; smooth like the late afternoon sunset as the sun slips below the horizon; celebrate today and give a nod to the excitement of tomorrow. Our Tommy Bahama Vodka is produced with our cascade mountain water to provide clarity like no other, and finished on our copper stills to add a final polish to the spirit. Sit back with a Tommy Bahama Vodka Cocktail and contemplate life, love and always Sip the Island Life.