Tommy Bahama Island Gin


The art and science of cold Distillation identifies each botanical in this unique, vacation inspired Island Gin. The classic Juniper is joined with distinctive Cucumber, tropical Hibiscus and sweet Elderflower. Citrus notes of Grapefruit, and a dash of Cardamom spice complete a gin, perfect with tonic or as a classic martini.

PROOF: 93 Proof / 46.5% ALC/VOL

DISTILLATION: Cold Distillation

BOTANICALS: European Juniper, Fresh Cucumber, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Elderflower, Hibiscus

TASTING NOTES: A fresh mix of citrus, juniper berry, and a dash of spice meets balanced and uplifting notes of grapefruit, hibiscus, elderflower, and cardamom. Perfectly at home in an Island Gin and tonic or a classic dirty martini.

MASTER DISTILLER'S NOTES: Gin is my go to Spirit. I studied the art and history of gin as I studied architecture in college in London. My studies were further deepened as I returned to London in 1994 wearing Tommy Bahama and conducting business there. This Island Gin recipe is the result of careful collaboration between myself and my beautiful wife. Sit back with a Island Gin Cocktail and contemplate life, love and always Sip the Island Life.