Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka


Through the unique science of cold Distillation, garden fresh cucumbers are skinned and seeded, leaving only the juicy flesh to be distilled a seventh time in this exceptional Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka. True Cucumber flavor bursting like a drop of Summertime in your cocktail!

PROOF: 80 Proof / 40% ALC/VOL

DISTILLATION: Cold Distillation

TASTING NOTES: The essence of six garden fresh cucumbers and exceptional vodka all bottled up for a refreshing drink.

MASTER DISTILLER'S NOTES: The delicate but intense flavor and aroma of Cucumber is unmistakable. We coax these botanical notes from a freshly harvested crop and it is all hand produced and distilled in small batches. Cold Distillation is the only form science offers us to maintain the true interpretation of this delicacy. We spent well over a year perfecting our process using farm fresh cucumbers from our local estate farms. A French 75 made with our Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka is a perfect compliment to a romantic sunset boat cruise, feel the gentle trade winds, trim the sails and contemplate life, love and always Sip the Island Life.