Tequila Ocho Single Estate 2023 Plata Puntas 106 Overproof


Remarkably special, Puntas are a very small cut at the end of the heads and the beginning of the heart. This distillers cut is the most flavorful of the distillation and is bottled at a high proof.

Nose: Immersive green grass scents, pine, alpine freshness, and warm citrus notes. Much like setting foot into the agave receiving pato as freshly harvested pinas are being dumped and chopped. Initial aromas meet and mingle with the heady fragrance of nearby cooked agaves just finishing the cooling down stage. Alluring agave aromas seep into your senses and linger. Molasses, sweet potato, spicy pumpkin. Cinnamon and allspice. Maripan and vanilla bean flan. Tidal pool brinness. Blossoms, cinnamon-dusted jasmine. A whisper of spearmint and bitter almond. Woody Rosemary, fennel, and celery. Earthy, gritty minerals.

Palate: Ancho chiles and cracked black pepper. Savory salinity. Glazed candied yams. Salted butterscotch. Almonds. Green apple, charred pineapple, tangerine zest, and green field agave. Dark roasted Italian espresso and toasted cocoa nibs bring trace bitter nuances and act as anchoring base notes. Bright, buttery, sleek.