Tequila Ocho Anejo Aged in Widow Janes Barrels Limited Edition



This exceptional Ocho Añejo unites the finest agave-centric tequila with the rich fragrances, luscious caramel, and warm baking-spice notes derived from aged barrels supplied by Widow Jane, transported all the way from Brooklyn to Arandas. The heightened 96 proof imparts an additional layer of intensity. The collaborative effort between artisans hailing from disparate corners of the world results in a tequila expression that prominently showcases agave characteristics, artfully complemented by the meticulously chosen bourbon barrels, delivering an authentic Ocho sipping experience.

Annually, the Master Distiller carefully selects the ripest agave from a Single Estate to craft Tequila Ocho, imparting a distinctive vintage nuance to the world's premier sipping tequila. This particular release showcases agaves harvested from rancho El Nacimiento, distilled in 2022 and slated for unveiling in 2023 after a year of maturation in barrels.

The esteemed master distiller behind Ocho is the legendary Carlos Camarena, a third-generation distiller and fifth-generation farmer. Co-founder Tomas Estes, a revered figure in the hospitality and tequila realms, posthumously contributes to this special release. Having been appointed the Tequila Ambassador to Europe by the CNIT, Estes' legacy endures through this unique offering, with his son Jesse providing the descriptive narrative on the back label.