Tequila Arette Artesanal Blanco


Arette, a distinguished Tequila brand rooted in the heritage of the Orendain family, boasts a legacy of five generations dedicated to crafting exceptional tequila. Their unwavering commitment to quality over quantity is evident in every bottle.

Crafted exclusively from 100% estate-grown lowlands Agave, Arette adheres to the time-honored artisanal traditions. The journey begins with a meticulous 15-hour roasting process, followed by the shredding of agave, fermentation with a special house yeast in the distillery's original cement vat for 6-7 days, and culminates in pot distillation and double-filtration before bottling.

Arette Tequila unveils a zesty and lemony fragrance that tantalizes the senses. On the palate, it reveals notes of dried herbs, juicy florals, and green pepper, with a subtle hint of vegetal savoriness. The finish is elegantly light, accentuated by lively lemon zest, creating a mouthwatering experience with a balanced alcohol presence.