Tepozan Reposado


Tepozan Reposado - Aged 4 months in Kentucky White Oak Bourbon Barrels, adding a honeyed aroma and generous finish of brown sugar and pineapple sage.

Pared down to the essential ingredients of mature blue agave, natural yeast, and volcanic-filtered well water from our estate, we are proud to pour a tequila with absolutely no additives of any kind—just incredible flavor. Tepozan is a sipping grade tequila - meant to be enjoyed on the rocks, or paired simply with complementary organic ingredients.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma - Honeyed and lush. Roasted lemon, guajillo pepper, achiote, vanilla, flan.

Taste - Round and generous. Spice of oak, brown sugar, pineapple sage, creamed mid-palate.

Finish - Plush and lasting. Caramel, coriander, clove