Tepozan Blanco


Tepozan Blanco - Straight from the field, verdant and wild, allowing the flavors of the agave to be tasted in its purest form.

Pared down to the essential ingredients of mature blue agave, natural yeast, and volcanic-filtered well water from our estate, we are proud to pour a tequila with absolutely no additives of any kind—just incredible flavor. Tepozan is a sipping grade tequila - meant to be enjoyed on the rocks, or paired simply with complementary organic ingredients.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma - Verdant and wild. Salty citrus, raw jalapeño, scented lippia, Mexican honeysuckle.

Taste - Lean and soft. Sweet grapefruit, white pepper, star anise, electric mid-palate.

Finish - Energetic and persistent. Cilantro, poblano pepper, raw almond.