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Stagg Single Barrel Private Cask “Staggin’ Back To Cali”


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Stagg Single Barrel Private Cask “Staggin’ Back To Cali” Hand Selected by Sip Whiskey and Nestor Liquor 

67.4% ABV
134.8 Proof
Aged 9 Years

6 Months
This single barrel Stagg opens with a delightfully complex cherry-forward nose that is well-balanced with notes of burnt brown sugar and toasted caramel, with some light vanilla bean notes in the background that round out what is a very well-integrated nose. The charred oak notes present here strongly reminisces of notes you don’t find in many bourbons, but do find in the more senior George T. Stagg.  The palate delivers rich notes of cherry cola, baking spices, butterscotch, pralines, toasted marshmallow, and a touch of peppermint, all well integrated in a complex symphony of flavors. It has a very sticky, chewy mouthfeel that the very best barrel-strength bourbons tend to have, which with the very long finish, makes you smack your lips and want some more. 



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