St-Rémy X.O


Brand St-Rémy
The satisfaction of a generous superior taste for the savvy, bon vivant. In the past decades, St-Rémy XO became the obvious trade-up in the brandy category. For Cécile Roudaut, "Darker, with a mahogany tint, almost red. St-Rémy XO is more mature, with woody notes of ripe fruit, almonds, walnuts, dates, figs, raisins. On the palate, it is not at all aggressive. There an impression of sweetness, like a treat. It is masculine, complex. "

St-Rémy XO is a brandy of character with complex aromas and a robust taste. It is recognised for its elegance, roundness and ability to linger on the palate. Offering multiple layers of flavours that make it remarkable to critics and connoisseurs alike, St-Rémy XO can be savoured neat, on ice or in classic cocktails.