St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur


Most visitors fall in love with New Orleans, but only a lucky few fall in love in New Orleans. St. George head distiller Dave Smith was one of those lucky few. Our NOLA Coffee Liqueur is a tribute to the city where he fell in love. 

What’s in it?

Ethiopian coffee beans, French chicory root, Madagascar vanilla, and organic cane sugar.

The Process

We source Yirgacheffe coffee beans from Ethiopia and have them roasted locally to our specifications. We rely mostly on medium to dark roasts for our process, but also incorporate some lighter roasts to fully capture what we love most about Yirgacheffe coffee.

We then bring the roasted beans to the distillery, where we grind and cold-infuse them. Our cold-infusion method preserves the elegant flavors and aromas that we love from the beans, while minimizing extraction of astringent components.

We then blend the resulting coffee infusion with French roasted chicory root and Madagascar vanilla beans, and then lightly sweeten with organic cane sugar.

The Experience

We chose to work with Yirgacheffe coffee beans specifically for their bright berry, chocolate, and round fruity qualities. The coffee’s contribution is complemented by the chicory root’s plum/date notes and bitter undertones.

Sipped neat, NOLA Coffee Liqueur is delicious alongside breakfast, dessert, and any meal in between—with each sip revealing more character. In cocktails, it provides a touch of sweetness, earthy depth, and that robust roasted flavor that coffee lovers crave. NOLA makes an incredible Espresso Martini, but we also love it in a Revolver, a White Russian, or a Coffee Old Fashioned.