St. George California Citrus Vodka


An aromatic and mouthwatering vodka loaded with the taste and perfume of fresh, ripe oranges and the warmth of California sunshine. 

What’s in it?

California-grown Valencia oranges, Seville oranges, and bergamot from Lindcove Ranch.

The key to our California Citrus Vodka is the fruit we use to make it. We've been working with Lindcove Ranch’s Kirkpatrick family for years because they share our passion for obsessive attention to detail. Their fruit is wonderfully expressive, showcasing juicy sweetness, perfumed aromatics, and a satisfying tang that has to be tasted to be believed. Using their Valencia, Seville, and bergamot oranges gives us a compelling portrait of California citrus fruit at its finest.

The Process

Making California Citrus Vodka fills every inch of our 65,000-square-foot distillery with the evocative aromas of an orange grove. We distill the fresh Valencia, Seville, and bergamot oranges separately so we can focus on highlighting the unique characteristics of each with the precision of our custom Arnold Holstein stills. In blending the three distillates together, we’re able to account for natural changes in flavor that happen from season to season, creating a vodka that is fresh, balanced, and consistent.

The Experience

St. George California Citrus Vodka has astonishingly clear citrus flavor. It leads with a tart, almost lemony scent on the nose, which gives way to a juicy burst of orange on the tongue before finishing with warm peel and soft spice.

With its bright aromatics, California Citrus works perfectly as a Spritz. Its confident tang adds refreshing complexity to a Vesper. Shake it up with fresh citrus and egg white for a nostalgic, spirited take on a Creamsicle. And if you like Cosmopolitans, we’re willing to bet California Citrus makes the best Cosmo you’ve ever had.