Sombra Mezcal


Sombra is an award-winning mezcal that is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Sombra Mezcal is made from 100% organic Espadin Agave. After growing up to 10 years, the hearts are harvested and roasted for 2 days over oak wood fires that heat cooking stones in a stone-lined pit. The roasted agaves are then crushed by a limestone tahona, fermented with only native yeast, and distilled in copper stills to create a refined, smooth and balanced Mezcal at the traditional strength of 90-proof.

Sombra owns and operates its own distillery; resulting in consistently delicious mezcal created using sustainabile production methods.

Sombra's sustainable initiatives:
• Organic Espadín Agaves, Not Conventional
• Certified Sustainable Wood, Not Deforestation
• Solar Powered Tahona, Not Animal Labor
• Native Yeast, Not Commercial
• Rainwater to Minimize Municipal Resources
• Clean-Burning Propane Gas-Fired Stills, Not Wood-Fired
• Mezcal By-Products upcycled to create Adobe Bricks for Local Housing, Not River Pollution
• Love for the Oaxacan Community Through After-School Children's Education
• Global Commitment by Donating to 1% for the Planet

2016 - Double Gold / San Francisco World Spirits Competition.