Siempre Tequila Supremo


Embrace the boldness of this Still Strength Blanco, a pinnacle choice for aficionados, boasting an impressive 110 proof / 55% ABV. Crafted entirely from tahona crushed agave and subjected to wild fermentation, this tequila undergoes a meticulous 2x distillation process, offering a remarkable blend of hearts and tails. Handpicked fully mature agaves ensure unparalleled quality. Delve into the captivating aroma of caramelized cooked agave and wet earth, with subtle hints of tropical fruits amidst a mild alcohol presence. The palate is a symphony of cooked agave and succulent fennel, complemented by white pepper and a medium-bodied mouth-feel enhanced with a delicate brine essence. As the experience concludes, the finish unfolds with an array of baking spices that leave a tingling sensation on your palate, a fitting finale to this extraordinary tequila journey.