Seven Days Cocktail Co. Pineapple Daiquiri 375ML


WHAT’S INSIDE: House-Made Pineapple Rum, House-Made Mint Cordial, House-Made Pineapple Tea, and Fresh Lime

Pineapple takes center stage in this venerable classic cocktail. Nearly every component of the pineapple is utilized to create a multi-dimensional pineapple forward cocktail experience. Depth and complexity is the result of our house-made herbaceous mint cordial which brings familiar notes found in traditional Italian Amari. The bitter-sweet flavor of the cordial pairs perfectly with the house-made pineapple rum to deliver a well balanced and refreshing drinking experience.

HOW TO SERVE: Shaken in a cocktail tin, over ice,… get creative!

375ml Bottle: Pours 4 cocktails