Sensei Japanese Whisky


Sensei Japanese Whisky - Japanese whisky has become one of the most famous spirits in the world in the past decade because of their pursuit of perfection, and dedication to flavors the world has yet to appreciate. Sensi Whiskey hails from Yamanahsi Prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese Whiskey. A harmonious blend of malt and grain. It ages to perfection in Mizunara (Japanese Oak) barrels. Our mizunara barrels give Sensei its distinctive flavor, one desired by all because of the complexity in aging with barrels of this wood. 

Tasting Notes:

The taste of sandalwood is present, a precious ingredient in Oriental incense used for aromatherapy, meditation, and spiritual ceremonies. To others, the taste will suggest a faint hint of coconut. So, we fused together rare whiskey, finest malt whiskeys from the rest of the world, and the highest quality pure spring water from Japan to create this remarkable blend.