Sam Houston 15 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Sam Houston's life was that of a true legend and patriot. He ran away from home at a young age. For a short time, he lived with a Cherokee tribe in the Hiwassee River area. Eventually, he was given the name Colonneh, meaning the Raven, and adopted into the tribe as Chief John Jolly’s son.

He grew up to be a fierce soldier and strategist. At one point, with a small out-numbered, under-supplied force, his men defeated the Mexican general Santa Anna. Houston's men suffered few casualties, but a stray bullet shattered his ankle. The decisive victory forced Santa Anna to sign the Treaty of Velasco, granting Texas its independence.

Sam Houston was well-respected as one of the great political men of his day, serving as a congressman, a governor and twice as the president of the Republic of Texas. He was brutally honest and a man of principle.

This premium, perfectly aged, well-crafted bourbon is offered in tribute to the life of Sam Houston, an honest and patriotic man.