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Redemption 8 Year Old Rye


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Redemption is produced with high rye content and a higher proof creating a whiskey with more spice and dry flavor. Pre-prohibition this style of rye was preferred during the saloon era and is ideal neat and shines in any cocktail like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Each bottle is hand-numbered demonstrating a commitment to the detail put into making the final product. AGE 8 Years Old COLOR Amber Honey NOSE Pink peppercorns, all spice, vanilla, coconut, light dill TASTING NOTES Smooth, washing warmth of sweet peppery leather. The oily and viscous body gives this Rye a great “chew” that lasts and lasts. A peppery and herbaceous front end, which is unusual for a barrel proof rye REVIEW "Aged eight years and bottled at a stunningly high proof, look for rich aromatics of caramel, almond and maple. On the palate, this whiskey almost suggests a dark beer – it feels effervescent, and shows espresso, toffee and clove. Dilution (and plenty of it) coaxes out some sweetness, adjusting the flavor profile to caramel and toffee, finishing dry and spiced, plus a flash of almond. Distilled in Indiana, bottle in Kentucky." - Wine Enthusiast Magazine