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Red Eye Louie’s Rumquila


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Red Eye Louie’s Rumquila invites the senses to experience an exotic journey with Island Rum from a Puerto Rican paradise to the unexpected sweet, floral pleasures of Super Premium Tequila from Mexico, distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco. Rumquila’s rich, caramel like notes are achieved by blending these Rum and Tequila bases in small vats, macerated together at a high temperature to achieve a perfect blend. After going through additional filtering, the blend is ready for your pleasure.

Red Eye Louie’s Rumquila is best enjoyed on the rocks or as a SHOT with your best friends! Rumquila’s versatility allows it to be used in many classic cocktails such as the Dark N Stormy, Margarita, Mojito, and many more.

• Multi Award Winner (WSWA, San Francisco Worlds)
• Certified Gluten Free