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Rabbit Hole Gaspar Sour Mash Rye Whiskey


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Indulge in the distinctive flavors of Rabbit Hole's Gaspar Sour Mash Rye Mashbill, a testament to the artistry of Kentucky Straight rye whiskey. Immerse yourself in the complex notes derived from our carefully selected mashbill, creating a sensory journey that captures the essence of tradition and innovation. This exceptional spirit is finished in amburana casks, imparting a unique depth and character to the final product. Elevate your tasting experience with the robust intensity of this Cask Strength expression, delivering an undiluted and powerful profile. The Gaspar Sour Mash Rye Mashbill is a part of our exclusive Distillery Series, a limited-edition release meticulously produced and bottled by Rabbit Hole Distillery.