Porfidio Fraxinus Limited Edition Extra Anejo Tequila


The world's inaugural 100% Blue Agave spirit, aged in Fraxinus barrels, steeped in Germanic tribes' reverence for the "Tree of Gods." Profidio Fraxinus is meticulously crafted: cold-pressed, first-growth Blue Agave, resulting in lower methanol content, enzymatic hydrolyzation, and distillation with state-of-the-art Hollstein equipment. It is exclusively single-barrel aged in Fraxinus wood, a slow-growing tree that yields just 14 barrels from a 150-year-old specimen. This unique wood imparts minimal tannins, ensuring a refined and delicate flavor profile.

To complement this exceptional spirit, there's a limited edition of 1000 bottles, each housed in a handcrafted German porcelain vessel, designed with a satin finish, embossed vertical ridges, and blind-embossed logo and text. This meticulous attention to detail mirrors the historical significance of the Fraxinus tree as the "Tree of the Gods" and a source of natural medicines in Europe over thousands of years.