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Paquera Mezcal 80% Espadin/20% Barril


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Paquera Mezcal encompasses a way of life beyond the product, living free from attachments and labels, unchained from routine. Our label represents a presence of mezcal on the breath, inducing a type of flirtation that commands notice.

Serve neat in a tumbler or Copita, Paquera doesn't overwhelm you with smoke but is an accessory to the premium agave spirit. Balanced and full from the start and finishes buttery with hints of mineral from the wild Agave, Barril. It's to be enjoyed in socially settings, either celebratory or with the people you love. Conversations will become more captivating as you sip this fine artisanal mezcal. Separate yourself from the traditional and make yourself known.

• 2019 - Gold / 93 points, Blue Lifestyle