Off Hours Bourbon Whiskey


Brand Off Hours

This bourbon is a timeless companion. Whether it's for those tranquil afternoons of relaxation or those late-night conversations that linger, we raise our glasses to all these moments and more.

Off Hours Bourbon is designed to awaken our senses and challenge conventions. It's not confined to the realm of artisanal cocktails and dimly lit bars; it's meant for everyone, everywhere.

So, let's toast to more inspiration, deeper connections in the real world, laid-back get-togethers, and fewer expectations. Let's embrace more time outdoors and less time tethered to our screens. Whether it's the reward after a long week or simply because you can, find those moments in between. Find them with us, in the world of Off Hours.

Tasting Notes: Off Hours Bourbon offers a smooth and harmonious experience with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and toasted pecans. It unveils rich notes of cinnamon, culminating in a silky finish. Crafted for those cherished moments in between life's hustle and bustle.