Nulu Cask Strength Uncut Bourbon Blend 112.2 Proof


Brand Nulu
NULU Cask Strength is an uncut, non-chill filtered straight bourbon whiskey. We delicately marry these bourbon barrels together without water to achieve rich, robust, and balanced flavors.

Every barrel is different from another; that’s why each one of the straight bourbon whiskey barrels is individually unique and may vary in alcohol content or proof.

NOSE: Citrus, cream, rich charred nuts, vanilla, buttercream, frosting, rye spice, maple syrup. Think donuts, fruits, and pastries.

PALATE: Building oil, tropical fruit, brown sugar, oil, rye spice, baking spice, vanilla, wildflower honey. Think vanilla crumble cake.

FINISH: Thick, coating, creme brulee, red apple.