NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky



In an act of bravery, Ned Kelly saved a boy from drowning and was awarded a green sash. He wore this sash as a symbol of courage wearing it for the final time at his last stand in 1880.

Our NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky pays homage to Ned’s character by pushing the boundaries of traditional whisky production in our relentless quest to make better whisky.

Named Australian Corn Whisky Of The Year by leading Aussie website OzWhiskyReview! They wrote it is “is seriously well-designed: great flavour, complexity and mixability at a very competitive price point.”


We committed to experimentation to create our NED Green Sash Whisky. Selecting premium aged barrels of NED, we harvest them over oak for additional character, resulting in flavours of caramel, vanilla and dark chocolate with a long finish of sweet oak and orange, making NED Green Sash truly extraordinary whisky.


At 44% ABV Green Sash is designed to be enjoyed neat, but will also take your cocktails to the next level. Our Head Distiller recommends a classic Old Fashioned and refreshing tasting Whisky Highball.


Aroma: Oak, caramel, vanilla with hints of almond.

Taste: Rich taste of dark chocolate, sweet vanilla and punch of oak, followed by almond and macadamia.

Finish: Long finish with lasting notes of vanilla, milk chocolate, orange peel and oak.