NED Australian Whisky


One that, like its namesake, forges its own story on Australian land.

First, we select only the finest Australian grain to mash and ferment using a proprietary process that takes the best of single malt production and combines it with sour mash techniques to create a spirit that is fiercely independent and unlike anything that has come before it.

Melbourne’s climate provides the perfect stage, its temperature variations across all seasons encouraging the whisky to move slowly in and out of the oak, drawing the mellowness from the barrel.

Aged in American Oak, our Australian Whisky spends its time in barrel until it has its signature boldness and character.

What does NED taste like?

Hints of sweet oak, spicy grain, dried fruit, mocha, vanilla and dry coconut. So what does that all mean? Well, it all adds up to a clean, smooth, powerful flavour. In another words, NED is an easy drinking, great tasting Australian Whisky.