Nashville Barrel Company “Nashtucky” 8 Year Old Single Barrel Selected by Sip Whiskey 118.4 Proof


Introducing the Nashtucky 8 Year Old Single Barrel Whiskey, meticulously crafted by the renowned Nashville Barrel Company using a carefully sourced barrel from Kentucky and hand-selected exclusively for Sip Whiskey. This extraordinary expression is the epitome of sophistication, embodying the rich heritage and distinctive flavors of Tennessee.

Aged for a remarkable eight years, Nashtucky Single Barrel Whiskey, sourced from Kentucky, exudes maturity and depth, developing an unparalleled complexity that captivates the senses. Each bottle showcases the remarkable uniqueness of a single barrel, ensuring an unforgettable drinking experience with every pour.

The distinguished character of Nashtucky, with its barrel sourced from Kentucky, is brought to life through its careful production process. Expertly distilled and carefully aged in charred American oak barrels, this whiskey inherits a harmonious fusion of flavors. Delicate notes of vanilla and caramel intermingle with hints of toasted oak, creating a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate.

Presented at an impressive 118.4 proof, Nashtucky, with its barrel sourced from Kentucky, exhibits a robust and full-bodied profile that showcases the true essence of its Tennessee roots. Its elevated strength accentuates the intricate layers of flavor, offering a bold and invigorating experience that whiskey enthusiasts crave.