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Motörhead Iron Fist American Whiskey


Brand Motorhead

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Duly named after one of their most classic songs and albums – Iron Fist. This full bodied spiced whiskey brings flavours of caramel, dried fruit, nuts and oak and finishes with a bold punch that awakens the senses.


Nose: Initial honey and dried fruit tones followed by vanilla, oak and orange chocolate.

Palate: Smooth caramel, nuts and oak lead on the palate with aftertones of butterscotch, dried fruits, vanilla and orange chocolate.

Finish: Full bodied with a bold yet balanced sweetness

Lead singer Lemmy didn’t only love rock’n’roll at the loudest volume possible, he was also a big fan of American whiskey and had a dream to one day develop his own brand. In 2014, Lemmy and Motörhead began collaborating with Brands for Fans to create an American whiskey that was breath-taking enough to wear the band’s logotype.

Serving Recommendation

Best served as a blending whiskey in drinks.