Mossburn 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky Finished in Foursquare Rum Casks


Discover the first gem in Mossburn's Cask Collaboration Series, a 12-year-old Speyside blended malt Scotch whisky expertly finished in rum casks from the renowned Foursquare distillery in Barbados. This unique creation tantalizes the palate with tropical, fruity tang and velvety oaken vanilla, perfectly complementing its nutty malt and toffee core. The result is a truly extraordinary whisky experience.

The Mossburn Cask Collaboration Series celebrates enduring friendships and the fusion of expertise from two distinct worlds – Scotch whisky craftsmanship and the iconic spirits of Barbados. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, as this whisky's maturation begins in ex-bourbon casks for 12 years before it undergoes a second maturation in American oak casks that once held mature Foursquare rums, each barrel carefully hand-picked from the heart of Barbados' Foursquare Distillery in St. Phillip. Bottled from a limited batch of just 38 barrels, this exquisite creation remains true to its natural form, devoid of color additives or chill filtration. It's a collector's dream and a testament to the art of collaboration and craftsmanship in the world of fine whisky.