Mommenpop Makrut LIMEPOP


Brand Mommenpop

Zesty, zippy and insanely refreshing, Makrut LIMEPOP is our limited edition summer release made with organic, California Makrut Limes. Makrut lime (and its leaves!) are traditionally known for their use in Southeast Asian cooking, offering delightfully intense aromatics to the cuisine. Here, we balance the remarkably fragrant Makrut with organic Bearss limes (the most common lime you'll see in the United States), fair-trade vanilla bean and a few select botanicals. The result? A tangy, bright beverage that makes for the perfect base of a spritz...for that added pop of unmistakable citrus zing.

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)

SMELLS LIKE: lime zest, lemon balm, soft wood spice, coastal pine

TASTES LIKE: fresh lime peel, citrus blossoms, sour apple, lemongrass

PAIRS WITH: salted popcorn, chili spiced almonds or cashews, aged cheddar