Mommenpop Kumquat-POP


Brand Mommenpop

Inspired by fall in Northern California, Kumquat-POP is tangy, crisp, and juicy...perfect for that time of year when summer begins to fade, when the days start to feel a bit shorter and the nights a bit longer. 

Brimming with all things autumn, you’ll taste the honeyed warmth of Hachiya persimmons, the cinnamon-like character of toasted fig leaves, and the brightness of green cardamom. The kumquat fruit itself is both sweet (the rind) and tart (the flesh) - and you’ll taste both, in perfect balance, in Kumquat-pop.

750 mL, 17% ABV (alcohol by volume)

SMELLS LIKE: white flowers, bright juicy kumquat peel, cinnamon, fresh coconut

TASTES LIKE: ripe peach, fig compote, fresh kumquat

PAIRS WITH: Manchego with fig jam, salted almonds, vanilla ice cream with roasted peaches

Kumquat-POP is made from a base of Chardonnay wine and is layered with the following organic ingredients:

KUMQUATS // Bright, floral, mouth-puckering. Sour flesh is balanced by a sweet peel.

PERSIMMONS // Extracted into the Chardonnay grape spirit, these impart a honeyed warmth

TOASTED FIG LEAVES // Warm and cinnamon-like

GREEN WALNUTS // Bright-spiced citrus character

GREEN CARDAMOM // Bright, warming, and with a little kick.

GENTIAN // Used sparingly, this bitter herb is used for added brightness and pep.