Michter's Collector's Set


Brand Michter's

Elevate your whiskey collection with the Michter's Collector's Set, a symphony of flavors carefully crafted to embody the essence of Michter's commitment to excellence.

Michter's Kentucky Straight Bourbon: Immerse yourself in the nuanced, mellow, and earthy spirit of Michter's Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Crafted from a carefully selected mashbill featuring the highest quality American corn, each batch, typically composed of no more than two dozen barrels, reflects the spirit of the Bluegrass State. Aged to the peak of perfection, with some barrels aging in excess of eight years, this truly "small batch" bourbon necessitates excellence from every barrel, ensuring a distinctive and exceptional sipping experience.

Michter's American Whiskey: Explore the rich and unique flavor profile of Michter's US 1 Unblended American Whiskey. Aged in bourbon-soaked barrels, this whiskey departs from the traditional aging process, achieving a flavor distinct from Bourbon or Rye. Master Distiller Willie Pratt's re-release in 2013 marked it as "just right" and "the best it's ever been." Never containing grain neutral spirits, this "unblended" gem stands as a testament to Michter's dedication to crafting exceptional spirits with a character all its own.

Michter's Small Batch Sour Mash: Step into the legacy of Michter's Original Sour Mash Whiskey with the Small Batch Sour Mash. A tribute to its 1970s and 1980s popularity, this whiskey, born from a unique grain selection, defies categorization as a rye or bourbon. After a triumphant return in 2012, Michter's US 1 Sour Mash has become a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts, staying true to the profile and palette of its predecessor. Experience the essence of tradition and craftsmanship in every sip.

Michter's Kentucky Straight Rye: Delight in the rich heritage of America's oldest whiskey variety with Michter's Kentucky Straight Rye. Crafted from select American rye grain, sheared to maximize flavor extraction, this rye is renowned for its quality and versatility. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in cocktails, each bottle comes from a single barrel, showcasing Michter's unwavering commitment to delivering the absolute highest quality Kentucky Straight Rye whiskey. Immerse yourself in the legacy, flavor, and craftsmanship that define the Michter's Collector's Set.