Mezcal Vago Espadin by Emigdio Jarquín


A mezcalero’s mezcal made from Agave Espadín tells a lot about that mezcalero’s style and craftsmanship. Because specific notes can’t be attributed to different agave types, the characteristics of a mezcal Espadín can be very indicative of the hand of the maker.

Mezcal Vago’s Espadín from Emigdio has become a favorite among mezcal novices as well as enthusiasts. It was awarded Double Gold, Best in Class & the coveted ""Best Mezcal"" at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The terroir shines through in this mezcal, and you really get a sense of place when tasting it. Every batch is slightly different, but ABV is usually around 50%. This mezcal is a magnificent sipping mezcal, but like all of Emigdio’s mezcals, it serves particularly well accompanying fresh fish preps like nigiri or ceviche, as well as fresh oysters.