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Mezcal Vago Espadin Aquilino


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A mezcalero’s mezcal made from Agave Espadín tells a lot about that mezcalero’s style and craftsmanship. Because specific notes can’t be attributed to different agave types, the characteristics of a mezcal Espadín can be very indicative of the hand of the maker.

This expression of Espadín is made by the hand of Aquilino Garcia Lopez at his paleque in the remote village of Candelaria Yegole. Aquilino cultivates his Agave Espadín in the hills above his palenque, located on the border of the Central Valley and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca. He stone grinds the pinas after an underground roast lasting upwards of five days.
Aquilino's mezcals are twice distilled with a copper still.