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Mala Vida/Dos Artes Extra Anejo Calavera (Bottle)


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Mala Vida and Dos Artes collaborate to make a limited edition extra anejo bottle that is signed by the owners of Mala Vida and Dos Artes.

After 30 years of travelling around the world representing Mexico with my Pop Rock band, MANÁ, I decided to pursue one of my other big dreams: to produce a tequila that would showcase the culture of Jalisco. The land that has given me so much. Tequila is a drink I have enjoyed all my life, and it is the true essence of Mexico. After searching for the best tequila fields, working with jimadores and master tequila makers, Mala Vida is born. This beverage reflects the passion and heart with which I have always played my drums and my music. I have always believed, and been committed to, protecting and respecting the environment. That’s why tequila Mala Vida, has the highest standards and quality certifications.