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Maker’s Mark Private Barrel Select "San Diego Breakfast Club"


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Sip Whiskey has collaborated with Del Mesa Liquor and Maker’s Mark to designate a unique Barrel Pick to please every Bourbon connoisseur. After  experimenting with several woods and blends the store owner duo chose a unique batch that immediately sent them to a wonderful place with the taste and feel of your favorite morning meal hangout. The initial aroma brings you in with it's tantalizing smell of melted butter and caramelized sugar, soft wafts of maple syrup and vanilla with just the slightest hint of oak hanging on the end. For a spirit bottled at cask strength and 109.9 proof, it is exceptionally smooth and creamy on the palate- sweetness settles in first, then with a gentle slide to the back of the throat, just the right amount of oak spice comes in that nicely warms on the way down. Completely satisfying from beginning to end. It is aptly named- San Diego Breakfast Club as a nod to the flavors it most resembles and the location of the stores that came together to execute their vision.

109.9 Proof 

5 - Baked American Pure 2

5 - Seared French Cuvee

0 - Maker's 46

0 - Roasted French Mocha

0 - Toasted French Spice