Mackmyra AI:02 Intelligens Swedish Single Malt Whisky


Brand Mackmyra

Intelligens is the world's first whisky produced with help from AI.

Our constant hunger for innovation and exciting collaborations is, as always the base and this time it has resulted in an approach that is unlike anything else we have done before. AI:02, the second of five AI-recipes, is an elegant Swedish single malt whisky with notes of vanilla fudge and citrus. 

Slightly spicy pepper and tones of oak casks which is nicely embedded in smoky peat and juniper. A full-bodied whisky that is light amber to the eye, with sweet fruits and oaky tones followed by a discreet smoky tail in the finish.

The Story of AI Whisky

The idea for AI-created whisky began with a meeting between us and Microsoft, in which the future of whisky was being discussed. Inspired by the idea, Microsoft partner Fourkind (part of Thoughtworks) was brought in to develop the solution.

Working closely together with our team at Mackmyra, Fourkind, created its AI solution using Microsoft Azure, providing it with the datasets it needed to begin generating its first recipes.

Our Master Blender used her knowledge to determine which recipe ingredients would work well together while correcting other less desirable combinations. As this process was repeated, the AI algorithm began to learn which combinations were the most favourable and produce better recipe combinations. These recipes became the Intelligens series.


Nose: Fruity tones of green pear and honey blended together with vanilla and butterscotch.

Taste: Vanilla fudge with notes of citrus, slightly spicy pepper and a clear oak barrel character. Everything softly wrapped in smoky peat and juniper.

Aftertaste: Sweet fruits and oaky tones, followed by a discreet smoky tail