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Local agave growers have been cultivating limited but specialized Blue Weber Agave in the Tropical Dry Forests near the small town of Villa Purificacion, Jalisco for generations. These plants from the lush, green, mountainous region near the foothills of the Colima Volcanoes, with specialized harvesting and processing, produce a sweet, smooth, and complex tequila like no other.

It took years for the creators of Luna Malvada to find the ideal land to begin cultivating their agave, needing the perfect blend of optimal sunlight, natural irrigation, and the most fertile volcanic soil in the area.  Eight years later, these specialized agave began to reach the peak of maturity and are living up to expectations by producing what may be the smoothest, most original and flavorful tequilas available.

The Land – The Tropical Dry Forests of Southern Jalisco. . .a lush, green, bio-diverse region that combines the benefits of rich, red volcanic soils with increased organic activity ideal for natural agave.  This region retraces agave harvesting and distillation to its ancestral roots near the Colima foothills.  

The Agave –  100% Premium Agave Tequilana Weber Var. Azul optimized from the original wild strains native to this region.  Harvested only during the full moon cycle for the highest quality and juice content.

The  Process –  Hand-selected, estate-grown agave harvested at the peak of maturity and health.  Slow cooking and slower cooling used to effectively convert the high sugar content extracted from the region’s agave.  Double distilled and slow, gravity-flow filtered.    

The Result – A 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila from a newly rediscovered ancestral growing region, a specialized process, and a small, family-run distillery. Our specialized and terroir approach to tequila making allows for more complex flavors to be pulled from the agave, and the result is complex, full-bodied, and smooth.  Luna Malvada is a true artisanal product that is like no other and rivals all others.