Lamborghini Rose Brut


Lamborghini Rose Brut - The perfect Italian rosé wine to gift or drink for a special occasion. With its bright and coppery rosé color and fine bubbles, the Lamborghini rosé has arrived as one of the best Italian rosés.

Yet there is nothing arriviste about this dry Italian rosé or its concert of flavor. It highlights the very best qualities of pinot noir rosés with an elegant maturity that the more robust Italian rosés are hard-pressed to match.

This Lamborghini Rosè has all the hallmarks of the classic Lamborghini taste, with its unique pinot noir freshness and fruitiness of the pinot noir.

Pinot noir is a notoriously difficult grape to work with, but this rosé perfectly brings its expression to the fore with its bright and fruity taste on the palate and with an elegant maturity.