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Lamborghini Centanni Grechetto Umbria


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Lamborghini Centanni Grechetto Umbria - This Italian white wine presents with notes of ripe apricot and a floral nose, but its high minerality brings balance to the body. It adds elegance to any meal and may particularly appeal to those who enjoy pinot gris or unoaked chardonnay.‌

We invite you to celebrate your own accomplishments with a glass of this versatile Italian white wine from Italy.

A vibrant Italian white, the Centanni exemplifies the best of Umbria’s terroir, which is famous for its diverse soil and rich limestone deposits. You can taste the high mineral content and bright fruit.

Its vivid yellow color dazzles the eye, and its aroma lightly scents the glass with wildflowers. But it is the flavor that will have you reaching for the bottle. Both lush and light, this beautiful wine complements just about every mood and dish.

The Centanni Grechetto epitomizes all that there is to love in Umbria, a countryside known for its topography and fertility as much as for its saints. Its flavor truly is both fresh and divine.