Lagavulin Offerman Edition Caribbean Rum Cask Finish


Brand Lagavulin

Expected to Ship Mid May

This year Nick sets out for an adventure on the sea. Nick's love for adventures on the water - in a vessel he handcrafted, of course - takes a new shape as he ventures to distant islands to bring the sweet sunshine of the Caribbean to his beloved home by the sea on Islay, combining these island's native nectars: whisky & rum.


This 11-year-old Lagavulin is finished for 8 months in casks that previously held Caribbean Rum - resulting in a symphony of sweet smoke that pairs the delectable sweet notes of the tropics with the smoldering peaty smoke of the irresistible elixir of Islay

Best enjoyed near the water - either neat or on the rocks.


Nose - Smouldering embers, gentle tarriness. Chili pepper, charred citrus rind, freshly fired crème brûlée, browned butter, tarte au citron. The creaminess is pronounced, but found alongside some distinct top-notes. Hints of cereal and straw. A distinct maritime and brine character, lemon meringue pie. Some subtle aromatics, almost like the texture of blossom honey, found after a few moments in the glass.

Taste - Bonfire smoke, cracked black pepper, tingling chilli, gentle lemon and lime citrus notes, vanilla sweets, a contrasting sweet salinity, brine. The bright and fruity side of salt and smoke. If there was such a thing as salted limes.

Finish - Chili pepper-like, smoky and fruity finish that goes on and on.