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Knob Creek 18 Year Old Bourbon Limited Edition Batch 003


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This exceptional full-flavored product is aged twice as long as our flagship bourbon and bottled at 100 proof, offering a complex yet balanced liquid profile. Our bourbon owes its rich copper color and deep notes of caramelized oak to its extensive aging in our Kentucky rackhouses.


Knob Creek 18 Year Old is our oldest release to date, delivering flavorful notes of caramelized oak and sweet vanilla with a warm finish, best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to fully experience the complex yet balanced flavors of this full-bodied liquid.

COLOR: Rich copper tones with auburn hues

AROMA: Brown sugar and aged oak, with notes of char and caramel

TASTE: Full-bodied with notes of caramelized oak and hints of sweet vanilla and baking spices

FINISH: Warm finish with spice and slight floral and fruit notes

PROOF: 100