Kangakoi 7 Year Single Grain Japanese Whisky


Kangakoi 7 Year Single Grain Japanese Whisky - Kangakoi - a true samurai wearing ritual armor (from "kan"-meaning perfect, complete, whole). In Japan, only the warriors of pure spirit and perfect technique may wear the traditional armor of the samurai. Our Kangakoi Whisky is aged for 7 years in sherry barrels to achieve levels that will rival the best sherry influenced whiskies on the market. Perfection in each pure ingredient we use and in every pain-staking process we employ. Produced in Japan Toyonaga's distillery which was founded in 1894. 40%alc by vol. 750 ml bottle size.

Tasting Notes:

Oak and Sherry dominate the start, then nuttiness and gentle oak build off of the sherry cask influences. The finish is lasting and smooth. Perfect for beginners, and even more interesting for experts who love to experiment with unique whiskies, created in creative ways at a world-class level. Each bottle is a proper experience of Japanese Sherry whisky.