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IXÁ Añejo Tequila


HOW COULD WE MAKE AN AÑEJO WITHOUT LOSING THE AGAVE? By combining the best techniques of artisan tequila and modern wine making. This tequila balances the jammy flavor of ripe agave with the caramel and spices produced during nearly 2 years of aging. The secret lies in making a sip worthy silver tequila and then in aging in both new toasted oak and rye whiskey barrels. Savor it neat or stir truly indulgent cocktails.

DESCRIPTION: A rich, complex aged tequila that delivers flavor over burn

TASTING NOTES: Baked apple and clay with wood, caramel and spices

INGREDIENTS: 100% blue agave

REVIEW “This certified organic tequila has a bold pineapple fragrance, with a hint of vanilla. More vanilla shows on the palate, plus caramel, toffee and a warm, toasty flavor reminiscent of roasted coffee beans, finishing with an explosion of clove and black pepper.” Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

GRAND ANEJO 2 oz IXA Anejo Tequila 1, oz FRUITLAB Orange Liqueur, 1 oz GRAND POPPY Bitter Liqueur. Shake & pour into rocks glass Garnish with orange wedge.