Hijos De Zoila Espadin Mezcal


Introducing Hijos de Zoila Mezcal, a tribute to heritage and tradition. This exceptional mezcal is crafted by the Nolasco family, fourth-generation maguey growers and producers, operating from their rustic palenque near San Luis del Rio.

Inspired by a desire to honor Oaxacan roots, Hijos de Zoila Mezcal is a traditional spirit that stands out with its robust 48% ABV, a rarity in the world of modestly priced mezcals.

Production details include a uniquely quick 7-9 day fermentation, tahona-crushed maguey, and copper alambique distillation cooled by local river water. These processes contribute to the distinctive and delicious flavors found in every sip of Hijos de Zoila Mezcal.

The label design, a final masterpiece by Maestro Reyes, a native Oaxacan artist, reflects the heart and soul of this mezcal. Tradition and craftsmanship converge to create an exceptional experience in every bottle of Hijos de Zoila Mezcal.